April 4, 2007

and we don't care about the young folks

It never fails that commercials incessantly ruin prime television time for all viewers. So, tonight as I'm watching the ball game (Go Cards!) I hear a whistling tune, which sounds strikingly familiar to my ears, as the main "track" on a commercial.

I tell myself "No, it's just someone trying to be cute and mock a 'chinese' ringtone...", and then proceed to ignore it. My ears are most definitely in check, then I focus my eyes in to see the cover of the album "Writers Block" by none other than those Swedish "heart throbs" Peter Bjorn & John.

Thank you, AT&T. You haven't made me want to buy any of your services or products, however, you have made me want to listen to more Peter Bjorn & John.

Being as cool as I really am, I went to Wikipedia to check out where else, other than on my iTunes collection and Sirius Radio, I may have heard this song. Turns out, this song has been used on Grey's Anatomy (yuck) and How I Met Your Mother (two disgustingly cute thumbs up). Interesting...

Anway, I was feeling the Peter Bjorn & John love all night. So, I'd like to share the video for "Young Folks". It kind of gives of a Scooby Doo meets Sealab 2021 meets Swedish indie pop meets give everyone something cute to relate to type of vibe. Check it out for yourself.

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