April 2, 2007

Do not ever be a toolbag

I speak from experience on this subject. I'm not proud to admit such, but truth is ultimately truth.

You should not, under any set of circumstances, harbor any kind of feelings beyond friendship for another person while you yourself are in a committed relationship with another person. There is zero justification beyond simple selfishness. You are being the biggest toolbag on the planet if you mention these fleeting thoughts to another person and don't let your partner in on your feelings.

ESPECIALLY if you're preparing to skip out of the world for a while. In my case, I wasn't leaving anywhere. Things were difficult in the relationship and I buckled mentally. I never actually did anything aside from feel idiotic feelings.

The responsible thing is to grow the hell up. Decide if you want to keep the person you're with. If you do, excellent. If you don't, end it. It's not fair to the other person in the relationship to be subjected to your indecisive whims.

Do not ever be a toolbag.

And personal hygiene goes a long way, dudes.

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