April 10, 2007

The elephant in the room

In sports, there is a great concern over steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Baseball is singled out by Congress because none of them were born within the last generation or two and don't understand that baseball has lost its status as number one.

I however do care about baseball. Maybe it's because I'm a 60 year old trapped inside a 23 year old body. I've been a fan of the Bay Area (read: California, not Boston) teams since I was growing up in Northern California. It was hard to pick either one, so, I have an affinity for both. However, I ally more strongly towards the Giants.

Being a Giants fan carries some heavy baggage. That being Barry Bonds' huge, 'roided up noggin. Everybody has kicked that dead horse and I'm not going to continue. We know Barroids was on something. There is no other way to explain how a baseball player reaches his peak after the age of 35. Ok, I lied. I just kicked it again.

You know, that reminds me of somebody else who has cemented their Hall of Fame status late in their career: Roger Clemens.

The ol' Texas prick has obvious anger problems. Normal people don't get thrown out of under-10 games. Normal people don't make racist cracks about Asians and dry cleaning during international baseball. Normal people aren't still pitching at 45 without serious help from the medical community. Conditioning and working out doesn't help your body do what Clemens' has been doing.

Give up the ghost, Rog. You can't fool everybody all the time... but God knows you've fooled the sports media.

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