April 9, 2007

Ethanol is not the answer

I'm telling you now, ethanol is not the answer to aiding "America's dependency on foreign oil."

Reports are coming out showing that food prices are set to rise because corn previously used for soda (corn syrup), feeding cattle (beef, milk), and other products are being snapped up to be used for ethanol production... despite the fact a majority of cars in this country cannot run E-86 fuel.

Naturally, America's farmers want you to know nothing is going to change

Why do I care? Because America's soft drink companies decided it was a cheaper qua better for them to sweeten their colas with corn syrup instead of sugar. Sugar is more costly to obtain and corn has always been incredibly cheap... until now. Will soda companies go back to using sugar? God I hope so. Why should the rest of the world get Coke better than we get? Mexican Coke is like a breath of fresh air. Same with Dublin Dr. Pepper (made with Imperial Sugar).

So, ethanol is not the answer to pollution or foreign oil because it raises the price of my soda. Saving the environment? Get real. I'm trying to save some change.

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