April 24, 2007

Oh, the perils of home...

First, I'd like to apologize for the small break as a mini-memorial that sadly turned into a week long hiatus. We are back.
So, apparently Amy Winehouse has taken to answering the door in her bra? Ok, that's fucking disgusting. Bitch needs to eat a sandwich. Don't tell me they don't have enough varieties of butties to help you in the weight department. I especially like how she looks terrified, disgusted, confused, horrified - all of the above. Well, Amy, did it ever occur to you that you could always, oh...answer the door NOT in a bra. Or not answer the door. Or just stop ripping off people's music.


I'm a fan of Damon Albarn, not gonna lie. Love him, think he's great, used to have a little crush on him. Anyway, enough about me. Apparently, after speaking with BBC2, Albarn claims the end of times for Gorillaz will be culminated in the form of "a film score. There will be no pop record". Interesting. I'll anxiously await the music, not just because I like Albarn, but because I'm a huge music dork. While music will still come of the group, it's sort of sad to see Gorillaz just go like that.


It has been rumored recently that Tokyo Police Club are a possible band to be signed to Saddle Creek Records of Omaha, Nebraska. Tokyo Police Club are currently signed to Paperbag Records out of Canada but are making great strides on their own. Who knows? It would be pretty sweet, though. Two things I quite enjoy.


Lastly, this came out today: Dntel's Dumb Luck. Ok, go buy it. Why? It's Dntel and it has Jenny Lewis and she is the supreme goddess of music. Another album I'm excited about? FEIST - THE REMINDER. Totally getting her new album the day it comes out, MAY FIRST. Go get it. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

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