April 26, 2007

STL Cards + good tunes = bases covered.

Sorry for the lame baseball pun. That's just how we roll here. After a stunning, exciting and rainy victory over the Reds, 7-5, the truth later came out as to why Chris Duncan didn't start, or play at all for that matter, today. Chris Duncan was injured, no thanks to his roof, and had to miss the game to get a dozen or so stiches. Also, because the Cards scored over 6 runs...that means .25 cent sodas, coffee and slushes at participating Mobil gas stations. Which means I'm going to load up on Coke all day to get amped for the Cards/Cubs showdown, also known as (hopefully) an ass-whopping. I really hope I don't have to eat my words.

In other ST. LOUIS news: The RFT (Riverfront Times) ran an article about John Vanderslice, in preparation for h is May 2nd show here at The Billiken Club (which is FREE). Turns out he will be encouraging fans to come up on stage and sing his songs for him. Count me IN! Not to mention...ST. VINCENT IS TOURING WITH HIM. Hello! FREE, SINGING, JV, ST.VINCENT...I really don't see how it could get better.

Also, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an interview with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah front man, Alec Ounsworth. Apparently the show scheduled for May 2nd at The Pageant has been cancelled due to apparent "scheduling conflicts", whatever that's supposed to mean...

For more Chris Duncan fun, go to the RFT website and see "What is Chris Duncan dry-humping this week?".

Hot shit! My favorite author, Haruki Murakami, is releasing his latest novel, After Dark, on May 8th. Countdown: 12 days. And yes, I plan on waiting at the bookstore for it. ANYWAY, Knopf has put up an excerpt of the novel.


Lastly, Spinner's videos have recently become something I actually really look forward to. And yes, it really is the small things in life that please me. Anyway, here's the latest. Where can you go wrong with a Spinner video, Huey Lewis, and the oh-so-campy Jaime Kennedy (totally kidding about Kennedy, and not the campy part).

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