April 26, 2007

Vestiges of youth

Growing up in Sacramento, CA, with a baseball crazed mother and a Air Force retiree father, my family would frequently buy Oakland A's tickets from Mcclellen Air Force Base (which is no longer an Air Force base due to the Clinton era base closings) and take a base provided shuttle bus for the hour and a half ride down to Oakland.

A's games in the early 90s were a real treat. It was before Mark McGwire bulked up into some kind of Incredible Hulk impersonator and before Jose Canseco killed his career by being himself. The A's had won the World Series in '89 over the cross-bridge Giants. I remember there being hats that were half Green and gold and half black and orange. We really couldn't pick one or the other to support. They got swept in 1990 by the fucking Cincinnati Reds (I still, STILL hate the Reds).

But for somebody who gets so caught up in visuals, the view was amazing. The rolling foothills were out past center field and made for a wonderful escape from the play on the field. This picture is taken roughly where we always would get seats.

But I'll be damned if motherfucking Al Davis didn't have to ruin my childhood memories by bringing his god-forsaken Raiders back to Oakland. He demanded that they alter the Coliseum so his Raiders could make more money off attendance. So, you have this abomination lurking out past centerfield.

So if I ever go to an A's game again while they're still in Oakland (I hear Fremont is offering them a nice deal), I'll be staring down that big waste of space and money. Al Davis, you have killed my childhood more than you could have ever killed your shitty football team.

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