April 5, 2007

the way the cookie crumbles.

I just got an email informing me of Ms. Lily Allen's wonderful presence gracing St. Louis in June. Yes, I'm going. And everyone who has the chance to see her should go as well. I'd like to make it easier on you by giving you these dates.

4/7/07 Boston, MA - Roxy
4/10/07 Philadelphia, PA - The Electric Factory
4/11/07 New York, NY - Irving Plaza
5/15/07 Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern
5/21/07 Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre
5/22/07 Lawrence, KS - Liberty Hall
5/23/07 Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre
5/26/07 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
5/27/07 Detroit, MI - Majestic Thatre
5/28/07 Baltimore, MD - Sonar
5/30/07 New York, NY - Roseland Ballroom
6/04/07 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues Cleveland
6/05/07 Indianapolis, IN - Vogue Theatre
6/06/07 Saint Louis, MO - The Pageant
6/08/07 Dallas, TX - The Palladium Ballroom
6/12/07 Fort Lauderdale, FL - Revolution
6/13/07 Orlando, FL - House of Blues Orlando


In other news:

As many fans of the Mates of State might know, the two song/love birds Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner have a young (read: maybe 2 years old?) daughter. They have decided to tour...with baby in tow.

Babble.com has picked the band up as a type of guest columnist. Kori and Jason divulge into various topics surrounding taking a small child on tour, including diaper runs, soundchecks, who watches Magnolia while they are on stage, tour bussing and many more interesting areas.

Columns of note, at least for me, are:
#3 - touring with Death Cab/The Starlight Mints (who also have a young girl)
#5 - Magnolia's stage debut and a "slimy little" English man
#6 - 14 things they love/hate about the UK (pretty damn funny)
#13 - Potty training Magnolia and the beginning of the "This American Life" tour
#14 - The "Rock and Roll Parenting Manifesto" created by Kori, the rant is actually pretty funny (it's easy to see both sides of the story, however, I like her ideas and side of the story more than anyone else's)


Oh, and I just flipped through the television stations and found that David Spade's "The Showbiz Show" just reported the news about K.I.T.T. from Knightrider being on sale. So, there I beat Spade to it. And I wasn't making jokes that only he thought was funny in doing so...

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