May 14, 2007

Apologies, Apologetics.

Slamdunk Stalin apologizes for the lack of updating! We were either graduating college, celebrating those of us here graduating college, or...drinking. So, needless to say right at this moment we've got little to nothing to report or to say. Because of our extreme lack of damn near everything newsworthy I give drunk and making fun of Amy Winehouse. Huzzah! We'll be back within the next day or two.

Thanks to Perez Hilton we have this very flattering picture of only the most gorgeous woman in music: *Note: We didn't add that "Oh Amy", but kudos to Perez Hilton for doing so, I guess.

And this...would be me mocking her. Blah. I must say...I know how to look damn sexy about all the time.

Also, we wanted to share some show information! Yay!

My friend Corey Goodman of Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship will be playing with YACHT this Friday for $5 at Lemp Arts Center for $5. Seriously? Awesome! Corey/Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship needs some help from anyone and everyone who can help him. First of all, he needs your votes for the Riverfront Times award for "Best Eclectic/Uncategorizable" act. Amazing! Also, Corey needs more help with touring, so if you're a kind soul and good at helping people book shows then head on over to the SFYYR myspace page to help him out! Come on, who wouldn't want to give such a hot act your help? Also, don't expect me to give up talking about the RFT awards. With the RFT showcase coming up within the near future, friends in a few of the bands and just wanting to have a good time, the talk of the RFT awards won't end until the showcase is over. I'll probably even talk about it after the showcase...

Here's that YACHT video. Get excited!

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