May 16, 2007

Because you all care sooo much...

What am I listening to?

Battles - Mirrored. I remember walking around campus listening to EP C's "B+T" on my now sold-for-rent-money iPod and feeling totally encompassed by the layers and layers of sound. Mirrored does not disappoint but does disorient with all the Tyondai vocalizing (ok, mostly just in Atlas... totally jarred me when I first heard it). But hey, NME is sucking at the teat of Battles, so, I shall continue to do the same.

Lifetime - Lifetime. It's fashionable to crap all over hardcore, much less melodic hardcore punk like Lifetime. I mean, Lifetime is in some ways responsible for a lot of the bullshit being pushed out today by being influential on a lot of musicians who are massive tools. Pete Wentz, for example. His label is responsible for putting out this Lifetime album, but I'll be damned if Pete and Fall Out Boy haven't aped melodic hardcore for all it's worth and earned a huge profit... the least he can do is put out a new Lifetime album.

So Many Dynamos - Flashlights. The Dynabros are a band very near and dear to my heart. Jenn grew up a mile or two from Ryan and Norm, competed against them in jazz band competitions, and once I entered the picture, dragged me to their shows. I've been able to watch a band coalesce from a pretty rough smattering of influence worship to a cohesive group pounding out creative, original (fuck the critics who can't come up with anything better than constant comparisons to the Dismemberment Plan) tunes. This album is just another step in the progression of four dudes I really admire and think of as friends in their musical journey. I will now go extinguish myself, because that was flaming.

The Field - From Here We Go to Sublime. Eh... I don't know about this. Seems like it's missing a lot, but that's the point of minimalism. Bah. Somebody is bound to remix this if they haven't already.

Feist - The Reminder. I wrote my thesis about the role of men in the women's suffrage movement in England. An interesting dynamic was the way that sex was portrayed in the public. Before the emergence of the feminists demanding suffrage, men could do things like read, paint, consume fine wine, and really just enjoy life without being painted as "fags"... sorry, "poofs." Along comes men uncomfortable with their traditional roles being questioned and masculinity gets redefined. Feist is one of those artists that will get you painted as a poof if you say you like it to some over-compensating petrolhead jackass. I'm going to go all renaissance man and say it's quality work that deserves to be acknowledged as such. Leslie Feist is immensely talented. Boo small-penis-overcompensation! Hooray Feist!

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