May 1, 2007

Happy MayDay!

And sadly I don't mean the Saddle Creek band, featuring that cute and cuddly Ted Stevens. Moving on...

This week in quick "review":
- Feist releases The Reminder (May 1)
- John Vanderslice and St. Vincent play at St. Louis University (May 2)
- So Many Dynamos STICKER RELEASE SHOW w/ Target Market, The Humanoids and The Bureau (May 3)
- The Starlight Mints at Blueberry Hill's Duckroom (May 4)

Last night I saw a new commercial for Lexus, as I like to keep up with overpriced gas guzzling cars and their prices, etc...
Anyway, I saw Elvis Costello talking about - music. At least I think. I was just surprised to see him on television and even more surprised to see him on a Lexus commercial, so what he had to say kind of escapes my mind at the moment. I just thought it relevant to mention as Mr. Costello has a bunch of reissues available this week. In fact, I have a handy list:
- Elvis Costello: Almost Blue
- Elvis Costello: Armed Forces
- Elvis Costello: The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years
- Elvis Costello: Blood & Chocolate
- Elvis Costello: Elvis Costello Collector's Box Set - Limited Edition
- Elvis Costello: Get Happy!!
- Elvis Costello: Goodbye Cruel World
- Elvis Costello: Imperial Bedroom
- Elvis Costello: King of America
- Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True
- Elvis Costello: Punch the Clock
- Elvis Costello: Rock & Roll Music
- Elvis Costello: This Year's Model
- Elvis Costello: Trust


Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear kept a "diary" of the/his going-ons at Coachella. My personal favorites? When he talks about Mika being "definitely gay", him bashing Lily Allen and calling her a "mall rat", all the Cansei De Ser Sexy communication, seeing Paris Hilton and Peaches. Oh hell, just go read it already. It's here on Rolling Stone's website. Hooray! Musicians we can all relate to!


So, I'm making my rounds and at My Old Kentucky Blog I see that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah may have a reason for cancelling their shows, including the one here in St. Louis. Strangely enough it could be because they are busy filming a movie? Some kind A film, a video, a movie, a music video, a doocumentary...? Who knows, not me and not MOKB, but that's what he hears.

Speaking of MOKB...for those few of you who like sports and read blogs/like good music, MOKB has gone through all the teams in the NFL and took their draft picks and kind of broke them down. To sweeten the deal there is an MP3 related to each team/draft pick selection. Hats off, my friend.


Zach Galifinakis was seen wearing a cute Little Orphan Annie reminiscent dress. And on top of that he went off on...well, a number of things. Here's the video, you can check it out yourself. Thank you Stereogum.

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