May 8, 2007

How to make a lot of people simultaneously angry

As a disclaimer, I subscribe to the trite phrase "love the sinner, hate the sin" (despite theological ruminations saying man cannot love completely nor hate without malice, tied together with the circular reasoning that God can simply because He's God... I look at that as a bit of a bullshit answer on the level of a first grader explaining that they broke a window because they could).

With that in mind, I admonish my youthful peers to practice safe sex if they feel they must have sex. The reasons are a bit selfish, I will admit. I am not so concerned about you contracting STDs because that immediately becomes your problem and not mine. I am not going to be having sex with you anyway, but I empathize with your predicament.

The reason I urge you all to wear protection is because I partially grew up in Oklahoma and I received zero sexual education. Yes, no abstinence only education; no free condoms in school; nothing. Parents of the prior generation didn't seem to bother to teach their children about sex either, so, kids were receiving no kind of information other than what they garnered through the media. Needless to say, they learned by doing.

This learning by doing led to innumerable shotgun weddings involving my graduating class alone. Kids did not learn about sex at home, did not learn about it at school, and learned at church that sex is bad, unless you're married. So young women found themselves pregnant and young men found themselves looking at the prospect of being socially required to marry the girl because "it's the right thing to do."

Really, I'm sick to death of this. I'm tired of watching my friends throw their potential away because they were too stupid to think about wearing a condom, taking a pill, much less abstaining from sex. I'm tired of hearing about people "having" to get married to legitimize the potential bastard in their belly.

This is made even more ironic considering the pious Sunday face that this state puts on. Senator James Inhofe talks about how there has never been a homosexual in his family like a badge of honor and admitting that he would fire any homosexuals found on his staff; that gives you a bit of the two-faced climate in this state. There is all of this talk about loving people as they are until they actually commit a sin or a crime, and then it's like all bets or off.

So everybody, be safe.

And atheists, I swear we're not all that ridiculous.

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