May 31, 2007

I think I'm winning:


This sort of "mini-festival" consists of a numerous amount of nominees for the RFT Awards, which comes around in about 2 weeks. This is such a great idea and looks to be a huge amount of fun, massive amounts of good beer and company, and most importantly GREAT local music. Sadly, it is reminiscent of SXSW because there are plenty of good bands and a few of them all play at the same time at different venues, of course all within walking distance. However, the fact that it's $5 for a nearly 10 hour day full of music makes it that much better. My pick? The best show will be at Cicero's and that's where you will find me and the rest of the SS crew. It will be a great time there with the Dynabros and then we'll probably head over to Blueberry Hill's Duck Room for Target Market to tear it the fuck up. Come hang out with us. You have no excuse if you are in the area because I'm giving you the schedule, here.


It's true, I have succumb to the grips of Cansei De Ser Sexy. When I first heard them, around a year or so ago, I thought they were a complete joke. So, I didn't give in because I didn't want to be "that girl that listens to that joke bands like Tenacious D". Don't ask why, I just thought that it was a joke, too weird and kitschy. And, now I'm completely head over heels. It's true. Anyway, thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear (whom seems to be one of bloginternerd loves) I've found that Lovefoxxx is possibly cuter than I ever thought. She seems to be relatively pleased with herself in nearly every scene where you can see her smiling face. Though, I must ask...why The Bloodhound Gang?


My Old Kentucky Blog (also one of my bloginternerd loves, especially because of his use of "internerd" like me and "El Doucho") is spotted knocking on Kobe. I have never ever in my life liked Kobe Bryant and this just helps me further that hate and distrust I have of the guy. MOKB does a great job of expressing that hatred along with the general crappiness that is the NBA. Sorry, the only hoops action I can get into lies in the hands of the NCAA.

Junior Senior have announced plans to release their latest album Hey Hey My My Yo Yo stateside on August 14th, only two years since its release over there (as the war-time song proclaimed). The now defunct Le Tigre is featured on the album, as are some of the B-52's. It's been far too long, my friends. Speaking of Le Tigre, check out this Junior Senior video featuring JD AND Peaches (it's a twofer)!!!


I've always had a soft spot for Perry Farrell, maybe not always his bands but him as a person. I just think he's a cute little guy...or something. Anyway, I just thought I'd add this goofy video from Spinner. One of my favorites? The kid with the toaster oven.

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