May 17, 2007

Need your needs:

I'm extremely excited for the news I'm about to announce. Quite a few people already know about it, but I'm particularly excited and it's for all kinds of reasons. Georgie James has announced that they have signed with Saddle Creek and will be releasing their new album, Places, in September or October of this year. This is great news because not only am I a fan of Georgie James but I'm also a lame-ass, weak little Saddle Creek street teamer (still). What does that mean for me? I get promotional goodies, I get to share the wealth of good music, poster up St. Louis and surrounding areas with Georgie James/Saddle Creek stuff, and I'll get the album before you suckers do. I'm also looking forward, hopefully, to seeing them play live here in St. Louis (for free, because I'm awesome). I still miss Q and Not U (a lot) but I'm really happy for Georgie James and looking extremely forward to their future and success.

Some "upcoming" Georgie James shows:
May 26: St. Stephen's Church - Washington, D.C.
June 14: The Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
June 15: Mojo 13 - Wilmington, DE
June 16: Johnny Brenda's - Philidelphia, PA
August 11: Recher Theatre - Towson, NJ*
*With Ted Leo and Birds of Avalon (neat!)

In the past 6 months of so I have completely fallen in love with Cansei De Ser Sexy. I must say, without sounding too awkward, I've been watching every move that CSS makes and just watching their name pile up in the "playing at _______________ festival" categories and blog posts/ music news stories. CSS was actually a huge make or break for making the decision to go to Lollapalooza or not (which I still can't, unless you'd like to donate to me/SS or I find a big bag of money...I'm a teacher). Anyway, thanks to Gorilla Vs. Bear and, in essence IHEARTCOMIX, I've found a way to quench my thirst for some new CSS information and junk. So, here it is, albeit a bit creepy because it reminds me of those nightmare-inducing things or creatures they used to just throw in randomly to children's programming...

And now for something completely different.
A real big "ooopsie!" from Engadget today, who temporarily cost Apple $4 million after claiming that they had recieved "information" that the iPhone and Leopard (the most recent/next version of Mac OS X). So, what sucks more? The fact that you started the rumor that sent stocks plunging...or fessing up to it like a child? Who knows, but at least they "cleared up" the misinformation later on in the day. This is why you read and reread and reread again with news like this. Hell, any kind of news. That's just a lesson in messing up, saving face, apologizing and then...being ridiculed for it later on. However, my favorite part? The fact that Engadget just declares "False Alarm" and I just want to add an exclamation point after that to show the true ridiculousness of the whole damn thing.

*Credit to MSN Money - Apple Inc. - Stock chart, Index chart.

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