June 15, 2007

Seriously, when will this end?

The whole stealing everything from good bands that don't deserve it thing has really got to stop. It's getting ridiculous, it's not funny, and it really just pisses pjretty much everyone off. Obviously the band/artist is the most pissed off but it really pisses off the fans, freinds and family.

What brings this specific rant up? Corey Goodman, one man band Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, had his things stolen in Chicago a few days ago. Being from St. Louis, I'm not too super totally surprised that it happened in Chicago with all those classy people running around. Ok, just kidding, especially because its happened everywhere. And it's getting really old.

From Corey's Myspace bulletin:
I got robbed tonight in Chicago.
My passenger side door is screwed up
My PA system, my new shoes, my shaver, and all my cologne/deodorant/a whole bag of that cleany/smelly stuff is gone.

I'm going to finish out these next days of tour, but I'm not sure about what's going to happen with the rest.

I'm not really sure what I did to deserve this.

more details tomorrrow. I'm going to sleep.


So, just stop. Damn it.

A few days ago Rolling Stone reported that Kelly Clarkson has cancelled her tour. Well, cancelling tours isn't really news to anyone in the entertainment world. However, Kelly didn't cancel her tour because of any medical or health issues, no family problems that needed fixing. Nothing like that, in fact. Kelly Clarkson cancelled her tour because it was believed that ticket sales weren't adequate. Kelly also fired her manager this past week.

The Clarkson Media Specialists claim that the shows are only "cancelled for now" and that they must re-evaluate the "size and scope of her shows". Also, it's "been really difficult" to do such things before the "imending release of her album My December".

This American Idol starlet may just have America turn on her after all the Soccer Moms had to return their tickets and Dads who had to buy their love through this show had to get their money back. Maybe Ms. Clarkson isn't as good as she thought she was...screw what America thinks, right?

Lots of news on the Saddle Creek front. SS, as well as loads of other blogs and music sites, reported a few weeks ago that Georgie James has now moved on over to Saddle Creek. Which is totally loads of awesome and I'm so looking forward to the new release on the record label.

The guys also opened up Slowdown, their own music club and bar on 14th Street in Omaha. The bar is pretty unique in that they don't allow smoking, which is make or break to some customers in relation to bars. Also, the club is an all ages venue. Lastly, the music bar has no television sets to seperate themselves from other sports bars that seem to be concentrated in nearly every town in America.

Also, Tuesday marks the date of the newest release of some Two Gallants material. The Scenery of Farewell EP is a five song gem that features Adam and Tyson eve more stripped down than their past releases. The EP is acoustic and includes some work by a cellist, pianist, violinist and stand up bass. The boys are also out on tour with none other than Les Claypool. How'd they get hooked up with such a mess? Claypool saw them live, became a fan and asked them to go on tour with he and his band of...jam. I was at the St. Louis show and wanted to rip my eyes out of my skull during Claypool's set. However, Two Gallants was great, as completely expected and every time I see them live I think I become even more of a fan. Damn.

Also, how is it that I just now found out that Clint Schnase, ex-drummer for Cursive...is now the ex-drummer? Cursive is only one of the best bands to come out of Omaha (and one of my personal favorites). Anyway, there is no more Clint drummming for them and they had a different guy go out on tour with them during their tour with Mastadon and Against Me! and I'm not sure when or if they have named the new permanent drummer. The Good Life, Tim Kasher's other band, will also be releasing a new album sooner than later and that's some pretty important information to have, too.

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