July 9, 2007

Doing a dull thing with style...

is now a requirement for new Real Madrid manager Bernd Schuster.

You see, for some people just winning is enough. Because winning takes endurance and is fairly difficult. Real Madrid won the Spanish championship this last year playing some pretty ugly soccer after not having won a damn thing in years. That wasn't enough for club president Ramon Calderon; he fired victorious manager Fabio Capello basically for not playing attractively enough. Winning? Not enough.

It'd be like the White Sox firing Ozzie "I'm an asshole" Guillen for not winning with enough flare in 2005. You know, God forbid the manager end years of torment and fan frustration... no, he's gotta kick the life out of other teams and make it look easy.

In other news, I fucking hate Real Madrid.

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