July 12, 2007

No tears for my alma mater

I'm a graduate of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Last summer, news broke about our young phenom asshole quarterback and a quality offensive lineman being removed from the team for receiving payment for work they didn't perform. Essentially, they went to Big Red Sports and Imports here in Norman, filled out a time card, and got paid way more than they should. They maybe would work five actual hours a week and accumlated each just under $10,000 for a summer of "work."
The University caught wind of problems when they found out that the timecards recorded Rhett Bomar the asshole and the lineman having worked during team practices. It all started to unfurl and both players were out of here.

Fast forward a year. Oklahoma has just been stricken with a set of penalties by the NCAA that include forfeiting all victories in 2005 and losing a couple scholarships in the upcoming season. A lot of OU fans and students are OUTRAGED that the miraculous 2005 season with it's 8 wins, 4 losses, and a trip to the fabled Holiday Bowl will all have to be vacated.

You know, If we fielded ineligeble players like that, we deserve everything we got. We deserve to have our appeals on the charges of "failure to monitor" and having the season forfeited shot straight down. Ill-gotten gains, man. I feel no pity for my alma mater. Why should I? I'm a responsible, reasonable fan. No matter what other fans say about OU, we have no divine right to excellence. No team does. Alabama thinks they do, but look at them? They're just an angry, irrated group who compares every coach to Bear Bryant. Everything has to stack up to Bear. Hell, even at OU, Barry Switzer is in a pantheon of god-like figures simply because he won championships. He's despicable and at the end of his tenure he just let the place go wild; it was like Miami on the southern plains.

The more I hear friends gripe about how "WE GOT ROBBED", the less I'll care.

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