July 19, 2007

Oh, Hannah Montana!!!

I work at an elementary school and when you work in a place like that you can't help but hear about Disney's new "hits" like Suite Life of Zac and Cody, High School Musical and best of all, Hannah Montana.

Like I do every night I'm home at a respectable hour, I was watching Jay Leno and to my surprise the actress who plays Hannah Montana was appearing. Her real name is about as embarrassing as her character's name, Miley Cyrus. Strike one.

To prove her iintelligence, she called London a country. She also said that she got to go in the underwater bus thingy, to which Jay Leno replied, "Wait, what? You mean the chunnel?" Her response was, "Well, yeah, sure. I mean, I guess...if you want to get all scientific on me!"

She also showed her gleaming patriotism by telling the crowd that "in Tennesee people just don't speak French. It's just not something we do" then went on to claim that other countries only like us because most of us stay in one place, and that's America. Strike two.

Strike three, you ask? She claims to be "a vegetarian that doesn't eat any vegetables, especially anything green at all". And to make it better "she (like) totally just got done filming this afternoon for Hannah Montana and it was about candy and cotton candy and sugar rush and...I (totally) had (like) SEVEN things of cotton candy". Gag me with a...thing of cotton candy.

Animal Collective is taking me on a trip to the early and angsty 90's with their new album cover. For some reason it just screams "era of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, ripped jeans and weird music videos/album covers".

Lastly, for fun, go check out Charlie Brown: Anime Style.

It's nice to be back around SS again, folks. Sorry for my absence.

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