July 2, 2007

Shake yours.

So, my absolute favorite band of all time ever, Rilo Kiley is releasing a new album. On August 21st we get the fourth LP by Rilo Kiley, titled Under the Blacklight, which should make everyone nervous before hearing about anything else surrounding this album. Blacklights remind me of sixth and seventh grade "parties" and all around lameness. Anyway, I obviously have to give everything a chance, especially when Rilo Kiley is involved. There are rumors that the album is only 38 minutes and 20 seconds long, with 11 songs on it. Today, SS rounded up the video for the new "single", The Moneymaker, again another title to be nervous about...

You can find the video here. Skip to about 9:21 to get to the part that matters, the music/Jenny Lewis looking extremely hot. Which, for her to look hotter than normal is something that I can't wrap around my brain...but she does do it and do it well. God damn she's hot. She gets the SS stamp of approval. Also, don't even bother with the first part. It's super sleazy and just...worthless.

Sadly, I can't say I'm much of a fan of this single. It's too glossed over and they are trying way too hard to sound dirty under the clean and glossy corporate umbrella. It just feels like someone came in and told them to "get it together, clean it up a bit" and now they are saying "Ok, we need angsty and gritty, can you give us that? I'm sure you've never done that before, so just try..."


Fellow St. Louisans So Many Dynamos will be recording their next album at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone San Francisco Studios with Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla.

In honor of the guys' recording with some great people, and not sucking without their help, they have started a new blog which keeps track of everything they have been doing while out on the road and in the studio. It should be fun and has already proved to be entertaining to me. Ahhh, road life...

Picture is of guitarist Griffin Kay sporting his "bet" moustache. It's about time to shave, my friend.

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