August 2, 2007


It's been almost two days since the trade deadline passed in Major League Baseball. Other teams did things but I don't care about them. Whenever he gets the time, I'm sure Furge will write some melange about the Dodgers and Motown... until then, you will all have to deal with me coming to grips with supporting the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants move, at first, frightened me. We traded Matt Morris, 7-7 with a 4.35 ERA, to Pittsburgh for Rajai Davis and "a player to be named later." I did the obligatory Google of Davis and was disappointed to see we traded a pitcher for a speedy outfielder. I was ready to again write about GM Brian Sabian needing to be ran out of San Francisco (which is still true)... then I sorted through the facts.. er, stats.

MattyMo, in the last month, had a whopping 8.48 ERA. The only other Giants who came close were Jack Taschner with 8.00 in 9 innings of work and Barry fucking Zito with 7.82. Then I come to find out the Giants were shopping Morris around to get rid of his contract (set to earn 10m), even going so far as to say they'd pay large bits of it to sweeten the deal.

The league is a big place and there are obviously GMs more blind than Sabain. The Pirates GM, Dave Littlefield, would be one of those blind GMs. He not only opted to take on Morris, but take on all of Morris's bloated contract. So we dump an aging, failing arm, his contract, and get a center field prospect out of the Pirates ignorance.

And fortunately, to keep me from feeling too bad, MattyMo ran his mouth about the staff at San Francisco. Good riddance.


We'll get some music news going here soon enough. Surely whatever readership we have (Jenn has access to the Google Analytics, not me) thinks I'm some dumb jock who listens to Hinder and calls everybody a "fag."

Trust me, my goal with SS wasn't to make it so sports centric. But that's the only thing I have going right now, unless somebody wants to see me write about the differences between UHaul and Budget.

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