August 11, 2007

Whistling is the new "in" thing:

Went to the Peter Bjorn & John show here in St. Louis the other night. It was honestly, even without the drinks, quite a good performance. I decided to take it upon myself that the people around me would become the "Bjorn cheering section". Why? Because he was cool and he's also a bassist, like myself. At one point Bjorn came over to our side of the stage and asked "Was that good for you? Yah? Ok, goot. Gooot." His swedish sounded more german...but that's just how us Yanks roll I guess.

Though I've listened to their album, Writers Block, in full, I never really grasped how many awkward sounds and whistling there really is. While the whole concert was pretty great and extremely enjoyable, the rendition of "Amsterdam" could have been better. Bjorn took it really chill and Peter tried to make it a bit too artsy for its own good. This, of course, did not ruin the concert.

I'd suggest that if you have the chance and are in the mood for a fun, kind of rock out/kind of chill night...go see PB&J. You'll have a great time. Talk to the boys after the show, too. By the way they acted before, during and after the show it seems as though they are fans of the attention. Bjorn told me they "were honored and happy to play before the American crowds", so go have a good time. Ask Bjorn for a kiss while you're at it, I know for a fact that you'll get one. I speak from experience.

Jenny Lewis will be in the Sirius Radio studios today promoting the new Rilo Kiley album, Under the Blacklight, to be released August 21st.

"Moneymaker" is the first single off the album and is followed by "Silver Lining". As the worlds biggest Rilo Kiley fan, I must say that this should be an extremely interesting release as it doesn't really fit any one mold. However, I'll let everyone else be the judge as to the question, was all the time off for side projects to their advantage or not? Regardless of what people think Rilo Kiley is just as good as The Elected and Jenny's "solo" projects.

I did as Gorilla Vs. Bear suggested and ordered the free DVD released by Panda Bear featuring a few of his solo shows from the year. Go here to order it for yourself. I know that I'm pretty damn excited.

In other related news, Animal Collective is headed out on a fall tour starting September 5th in Boston at The Avalon and will be stopping here in St. Louis on September 24th at The Gargoyle on Washington University's campus. The cost is $15 for the general go.

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