September 23, 2007

Bad Reactions

Jenn and I were at our friend Chris's house playing Guitar Hero II. Neither of us are very good, despite both having musical training and figuring "playing this can't be much harder than playing bass".

I jokingly mentioned that Guitar Hero or Rock Band needs to have more Rush. Jenn then mentioned "Tom Sawyer". (Aside: I wasn't raised in the most musical of households; my mom's preferences was usually praise and worship music or Kim Carnes and my dad's was the Strawbs or Moody Blues. Needless to say, there were no introductions to Rush outside of my dad telling me "they're Canadian.") I said I wasn't familar with that song title. So Jenn takes it upon herself to "educate" me to Tom Sawyer by Rush. She finds the track and plays it and automatically I know what the song is and now have a name to go with the annoying synth wankery.

Then she gets on this big prog trip and starts making me listen to more Rush and watch Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre play "Dance of Eternity" on drums, then a type of explanation from Portnoy on the bizarro time signatures employed. I responded that if you have to keep a fucking chart of your time signature changes, your songs are too complex.

So I reacted inappropriately and started cranking "Sussudio" by Phil Collins. And she got mad. Then she started hitting me. Then she bit me.

So now I'm just going to watch Futurama.