September 27, 2007

Follow up

I think somebody out there has to be wondering why I have "Sussudio" by Phil Collins on my computer.

No, it's not a random track I downloaded for kitsch to be cutely ironic. I genuinely enjoy the musical stylings of Phil Collins. The truth is much more disgusting than the fiction, isn't it?

I received a $20 giftcard from Circuit City because of a Discover Card reward this last spring. I needed a copy of Bulworth for a paper I was writing in my Voters and Campaigns class and Circuit City had it on sale. I had extra money on the card so I used it to buy an album... that album was No Jacket Required. My dad had Face Value on vinyl so I was no stranger to Phil Collins and I knew the hits.

Without getting all wankery about it, I think that Collins knows how to craft an excellent pop song and that he doesn't get enough credit from the musical community regarding his talents. It's practically verboten to positively discuss Phil without receiving some kind of criticism from the detractors.

Rush though... I don't know man.

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