October 17, 2007

TV killed the everything star:

I won't deny it; I love television. The problem lies in multiple reasons, such as a) not enough time in the day and b) quality has been replaced by quantity in the television (media) world. I really don't watch a lot of TV, but when people ask me "What's your favorite TV show?", I have an extremely hard time answering. Instead of just picking one show and moving on I think long and hard and usually give out a shit load of answers. This makes me sound like all I do is sit in front of the television with a gaping maw and keep my brain shut off to anything intelligent. Well, I've tried my best to justify what I watch and hope that people can understand that these are about the only shows I watch in any given week and more importantly, why I watch them. Enjoy!

How I Met Your Mother - When this show was about to come out I only had two reasons to tune in: Alyson Hannigan (because she's cute and quirky and there was no way she could possibly be as nerdy as her flute-toting character in American Pie) and Neil Patrick Harris (Hello, Doogie Howser M.D., early 90's alert! You know you watched it, too). The shows tagline, "A love story in reverse", felt a bit too hokey and awkward for me to just drop what I was doing and watch. Howerver, every week after the first airing I made damn sure I did drop everything to watch. It's almost disturbing how much these characters are like my group(s) of friends. While at times the plot or character development are cheesy, predictable or every so slightly questionable, the remainder of the show makes up for those few and far between moments. How can you say "no" to a love story that is pretty believable, though dramatized/romanticized, especially for its target demographic of the 20 and 30-somethings caught up in love and relationships. The show is a prefect balance of the portrayal of your life - the disgusting cutesie couple madly in love, the tragically single and desperately trying, and the overzealous love to hate/hate to love sexaholic maniac best buddy who knows it all. Men and women alike can appreciate the show for its ability to relate to and draw from your own life. The show strips away all the superficialities, quirks and anecdotes by showing what really happens in relationships as well as other friendships, work and the leisure life of people our age. Plus, they admirable try to remain modern by throwing in references to indie rock bands in the most nonchalant of ways, such as referencing Wilco in attempts to woo women and get them to come back to the apartment for the night...

House M.D. - Basically I love the character because he's everything I'm not while saying all the same things to people the same way I'd say them. Only I have a bit more tact and he gets away with all of it. House is a smart-ass jerk who gets away with everything because he's a smart-ass jerk, which, as we all know, hardly ever works in real life. Mix in the strangest of strange medical maladies and patients and you've got yourself a shitstorm that I'm about to bring out the popcorn to watch. Competing desires and actions, character development and ridiculousness in general make this show hard to miss.

Law and Order:SVU - Special victims are what America lives for and sadly...I'm no different. However, I will admit that lately (this season especially), SVU has come to stand for Sexual Victims Unit. While sometimes strange (read: hard to believe) and confusing due to its complexities, this show is probably one of my biggest television guilty pleasures. The acting really isn't the best, but you can't expect much from a show that casts Ice-T seriously. I do love the bad acting, though, especially from Ice-T.

LA Ink - Kat Von D is one crazy bitch and that's why everyone loves her, including me, a fellow tattooed and nutty bitch. Everyone also loves the tattooed freaks. Oh, and watching rebellion on television and following the "new thing". I thought that Miami Ink might be a great segueway to a bit more acceptance of the tattooed, but those guys regrettably furthered the image of the tattooed as "freaks", "weirdos" and "hoosiers" (without sounding like the lady from Save Ferris). While LA Ink doesn't actively try hard to be heartwarming or life changing (or mind changing) it's a lot easier to swallow than the 'roided up craziness that Miami Ink was.

I'm breaking here to give you a rest. I'll continue tomorrow. Hopefully it's still relevant then but it probably wasn't in the first place.

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