October 29, 2007

My buzz:

If I had to pick a band that's buzzworthy by my own standards...which are obviously completely superior to MTV's Buzzworthy standards, I'd pick Rogue Wave.

I saw them at SXSW 2006 and thought that they were alright. But I listen to them now and I really really enjoy it. It makes me a bit melancholy because I didn't fully enjoy them like I do now and because I didn't get to stay for their whole set. Around that time last year was a really rough time for me, too, but SXSW was amazing and an overall great experience. So, it's a little melancholy and a bit happy...so, bittersweet. I really love listening to them, though. I'd suggest checking them out because you'll like them, too. Then grow to love them, without taking about a year and a half to fully appreciate your love for them.

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=p= said...

Seeing them in an Urban Outfitters was weird.