November 25, 2007

Remember fiction?

There is a groundswell out there to boycott the movie The Golden Compass because the author's intention is to kill God in his novels. The author is an atheist and surely that means the author is trying to raise an army of Catholic hating, God-not-believing monster children.

Whatever happened to being able to use reason to discern for yourself whether or not to accept the extolled virtues of a novel, movie, or even music? Just because I thought Wonder Boys was a great book/good movie doesn't mean I accept Grady Tripp's infidelity/drug use/letting Katie Holmes live with him.

November 22, 2007


Non-soccer fans tune out:

Holy Mother of God, England. Israel practically gift-wrapped a trip to Euro 2008 for you... all you had to do was get a point out of playing Croatia.

And holy fuck you lost. 3-2. I bet you miss Sven. Well too bad, you can't have him back.

November 20, 2007

Things I Thought Whilst Watching Of Montreal

1) "Why do I keep thinking I should yell, 'Play Hot One, Brian Slade!"

2) "His shoes match Jenn's... and I told Jenn I really like her shoes. What the hell is happening?"

3) "There are a lot of people dancing and acting like they're moving light with their hands..."

4) "Wow, they killed Prince's 'I Would Die 4 U."

5) "What's with all the high school kids?"

Post show:
6) "Whoa, Kevin Barnes just told Jenn that Andy Lemaster is gay. She must be devastated."

6a) "You know, that makes a whole lot of sense."

6b) "Kevin just said the same thing."

Jenn and I went to see Of Montreal at the Pageant in St. Louis last night. It was really impressive. I don't know Of Montreal's discography like the back of my hand so I can't claim to give you a track for track account of the performance. And seeing as how I'm not an obsessive 17 year old fan, I can't claim to have received a track list from the band.

My only complaint was not hearing INXS's "Need You Tonight." Yeah, I know, it was part of their karaoke set but come on.

They were spot on and incredibly tight. And I came away feeling that is what a gay club has to feel like.

November 18, 2007

Wayback Machine

We're going back to the days of Factory Records, the HaƧienda, Madchester, and ultimately what were terrible fashion decisions.

Specifically, New Order. Electronic music has been getting a little more play in the northern parts of Stalin (being drunk, having a friend decide it would be a great idea to play Eiffel 65's Europop, then watching Samwell's magnum opus has something to do with it) and few did it as well for as long as New Order.

Most of New Order's singles weren't on their albums (for example, "Blue Monday" wasn't initially on Power, Corruption, and Lies) and it took until 2005 to get a more comprehensive singles collection. It came to us in the form of the appropriately named Singles.

You have to really step back and remove the cheese factor from the music to appreciate it. Their first single, "Ceremony" was still heavily shrouded in the cloud of Ian Curtis's suicide and sound like Joy Division with a more commercial vocalist (but thankfully without Bernard's lyrics). Yeah, a lot of the music sounds incredibly dated (FFS, "Shellshock" was on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack). And you can sometimes want to ignore everything after "Regret" because they start to sound a little too Eurotrash. That song is so damn catchy and it crossed-over so hard that I heard it at WAL-MART the other day (somewhere after hearing "Black Velvet" and before "Zoot Suit Riot").

So next time you feel like dropping E and taking a trip*, reach for some New Order.

* Slamdunk Stalin does not advocate the use of drugs. No, really. We're mostly law-abiding lameos.

November 17, 2007

Sticking up for myself

Alright, alright, I know. Barry Bonds was indicted.

I've been getting shit from everybody who knows I'm a Giants fan about, "Oooo, your boy got indicted for perjury and bwah bwah bwah" (yes, just like the adults in the Peanuts television cartoons).

You know what, he ain't my boy. The loyalty I had in the past was simply because he wore the black and orange. Is he wearing it anymore? No. The Giants didn't sign him back. So now I can speak freely.

Fucking 'roided up, shriveled sack asshole. You ate up a ton of cap room then had the audacity to criticize the management for declining to resign you for 2008 and calling "DolchstoƟ". Eat it, chump.

November 13, 2007

Speaking freely...

I was terribly disappointed by Menomena and almost feel a need to apologize for advertising it.

Jenn had a meeting at work and we were a little late to the concert. We (very sadly) missed Jumbling Towers and caught part of Illinois. They weren't bad. I'll admit to not being as up as I should on what bands are doing these days, so I didn't really know a lot about these guys.

Menomena came on and it was just... bland. They're a band who could benefit by cranking the tempo up a notch and getting out of the middle of the road. All of the songs seemed to be at about the same pace. Even with a beer induced haze, it was dull enough to leave the show early. Oh, and the Billiken's bar sucks.

However, Norm from So Many Dynamos was dressed up as Thriller era Michael Jackson for Halloween. It was beautiful. Sorry for not saying anything, Norm.