November 25, 2007

Remember fiction?

There is a groundswell out there to boycott the movie The Golden Compass because the author's intention is to kill God in his novels. The author is an atheist and surely that means the author is trying to raise an army of Catholic hating, God-not-believing monster children.

Whatever happened to being able to use reason to discern for yourself whether or not to accept the extolled virtues of a novel, movie, or even music? Just because I thought Wonder Boys was a great book/good movie doesn't mean I accept Grady Tripp's infidelity/drug use/letting Katie Holmes live with him.


jenn said...

Yeah, for real.

Booooooo, Katie Holmes.

flohtingPoint said...

Its odd, the Bible teaches folks to accept one another and let God do the judging. Turn the other cheek and all that. Yet, with that in mind, how come it seems that most of the folks screaming for censuring are religious fanatics?

Bleh, just food for thought.