November 13, 2007

Speaking freely...

I was terribly disappointed by Menomena and almost feel a need to apologize for advertising it.

Jenn had a meeting at work and we were a little late to the concert. We (very sadly) missed Jumbling Towers and caught part of Illinois. They weren't bad. I'll admit to not being as up as I should on what bands are doing these days, so I didn't really know a lot about these guys.

Menomena came on and it was just... bland. They're a band who could benefit by cranking the tempo up a notch and getting out of the middle of the road. All of the songs seemed to be at about the same pace. Even with a beer induced haze, it was dull enough to leave the show early. Oh, and the Billiken's bar sucks.

However, Norm from So Many Dynamos was dressed up as Thriller era Michael Jackson for Halloween. It was beautiful. Sorry for not saying anything, Norm.

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