November 20, 2007

Things I Thought Whilst Watching Of Montreal

1) "Why do I keep thinking I should yell, 'Play Hot One, Brian Slade!"

2) "His shoes match Jenn's... and I told Jenn I really like her shoes. What the hell is happening?"

3) "There are a lot of people dancing and acting like they're moving light with their hands..."

4) "Wow, they killed Prince's 'I Would Die 4 U."

5) "What's with all the high school kids?"

Post show:
6) "Whoa, Kevin Barnes just told Jenn that Andy Lemaster is gay. She must be devastated."

6a) "You know, that makes a whole lot of sense."

6b) "Kevin just said the same thing."

Jenn and I went to see Of Montreal at the Pageant in St. Louis last night. It was really impressive. I don't know Of Montreal's discography like the back of my hand so I can't claim to give you a track for track account of the performance. And seeing as how I'm not an obsessive 17 year old fan, I can't claim to have received a track list from the band.

My only complaint was not hearing INXS's "Need You Tonight." Yeah, I know, it was part of their karaoke set but come on.

They were spot on and incredibly tight. And I came away feeling that is what a gay club has to feel like.

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