March 17, 2008

Second hand tales

Perez Hilton is stroking himself off and saying he had one of the biggest baddest shows at SXSW. And as we've learned from Hillary Clinton's campaign, if you say enough bullshit loud enough, enough times, somebody is bound to believe it.

The highlight act was N.E.R.D. Who are basically worthless. And don't get me started on Robyn.


And don't get me started on invite only parties.


You know who does a great U2 impersonation? U2.


Blogs that talk about SXSW are usually a lot more interesting when one or more of the contributors are there. We're sorry. We're just kind of dreaming that we had been able to go, get accosted for trying to enter an invite only parties, swilling shitty Texas beer (and your Shiner and Lone Star ARE shitty, no matter how many fucking times you tell yourselves its alright or even good), and maybe seeing somebody famous standing outside of Schlotzky's. I saw the dude from Queens of the Stone Age two years ago!

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