April 13, 2008

Apparently Okkervil River is a pretty big hit with the 20-something teacher set. As I was speaking with a fellow classmate/teacher friend of mine, he asked what shows I have on my calendar. I got to April 19th and explained that The New Pornographers were coming to town and I didn’t know who I was more excited about, the opener, being Okkervil River, or The New Pornographers. It turned out that he wanted information on Okkervil River because that has apparently been the buzz with his fellow teachers in the English department (all between 22-29).
Anywho, if you’re looking for a good story or you’re totally into storytelling head to Okkervil River’s website. Their biography is pretty unbelievable. In fact, I thought I was being outright lied to by reading the story – and I’m still not sure if I’ve been misled or not. At any rate, the writing is pretty poetic and comforting.

April 19th, Okkervil River and The New Pornographers at The Pageant. Doors at 7p, show at 8p.


Author and NPR broadcaster John Green is releasing his newest novel, Paper Towns, due out October 16th. Readers will have their choice between two different covers for the novel. Green’s reason for this? On his blog he explains to his teenaged self that it’s essentially a marketing scheme. The purpose for two different covers is to speak to a different audience, for readers to give the novel a chance and to grab different target markets attention. I finished Looking for Alaska recently for an Adolescent Literature class and was exceedingly moved by it. Certain readers may not appreciate his general lean towards young adult literature, but he is certainly brilliant and should be considered by people of all ages.

Also, I totally share Green's 11th Grade Self perspective on Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself".


Moby may be 40-something, but he still likes to party a good deal. CNN has an interview here about the dance music mogul. He also speaks about his new music video for the song "Disco Lies" from the forthcoming album "Last Night", which he claims to have “not known” until after it was shot that it was a pro-animal rights video, goofy as it may be. View the video for "Disco Lies" HERE.

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