April 18, 2008

It takes all kinds.

Cursive played live at WOXY studios on April 9th and they have just posted the link to it on their myspace page, but you can find it here. It’s hard to believe that “Happy Hollow” came out two years ago and now the guys are scattered across the country (with Matt living here in MO). The guys played two “oldies” and two new songs (out of a mere eight they are “comfortable playing at this moment in time”. Apparently, Tim has been tinkering with screenwriting and has completed some work. Also, personal note: I fucking love Ted Stevens, always have and always will.

Catch Okkervil River on April 24th at 3p on WOXY (http://woxy.lala.com) or here in St. Louis on Saturday. Whatever, your choice.

Gnarls Barkely are offering their new album for free online. Unlike Radiohead’s online offering “stunt”, there is a catch. It’s in reverse, in the form of a 38 minute long mp3. Go here to get it. Also, some blogs are giving away posters from the GB concert in New York last week with Santogold.

Also, this Saturday is National Record Store Day. THE Vintage Vinyl in The Loop is giving away free Pabst Blue Ribbon (sorry to all the beer elitists, but free beer is free beer), free and live music (acoustic, electric AND dj sets), FREE MERCH (all random and dependent on what is available) and no sales tax. It’s going to be amazing. Come on out and enjoy yourself for a cheap or free day full of booze and music – a.k.a. only the best kind of day. The New Pornographers will be doing an in-store set at 3p before their show later that night at The Pageant. The only other local music stores to be participating in National Record Store Day are certain Slacker's locations in St. Charles and St. Louis. Go get some!

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