April 23, 2008

Just in case:

So, just on the off chance that you haven't heard or you live under a rock or something...yesterday marked the release of the newest Tokyo Police Club album, Elephant Shell. I can assure you that it's everything everyone hoped it would be and more. "Tessellate" actually made me get out of my car tonight; it was the perfect setting with the wind calmly blowing, a cool night and being stopped at a red light that is known for taking nearly 3 minutes to complete the rotation and turn to green. I let the music and the words just sink in and I got out of my car and danced. Damn. Is it dancy? No, not necessarily, but it makes you feel damn good. Damn good enough to get out of your car and move.

Courtesy of Ben O'Neill, friend and local artist.

Also, check out the show review from The New Pornographers/Okkervil River and/or the SCINTILLATING interview with Gram LeBron of Rogue Wave. My show review from the Grand Ole Party/Rogue Wave show will be up soon, after I read Henry VIII by The Bard of Avon for my class tomorrow.

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