April 18, 2008

Long post aborted

I completely forgot what I was going to say. I'll just embarrass myself with my lack of film elitism instead.

I was doing laundry and watched "The Lake House" on one of the many Cinemax's earlier. Critics hated it and I probably should have, too. But part of me likes romantic movies (the Notebook) and their romantic comedy brethren(ex: Sleepless in Seattle, Love Actually). I even like kind of bad ones, like Just Like Heaven... which may be unintentionally funny; I haven't determined.
And you know what? At the end, when Kate (Sandra Bullock) is feverishly scribbling a note to Alex (Keanu Reeves), trying to get him to not go to that plaza, I'm sitting there tearing up, screaming "Dammit, Ted Theodore Logan, don't you fucking go there! You're going to die!" Then you get the fuzzy resolution and all is right with the world. This marks at least two time travel movies in Keanu's repertoire. One more and I think we get to send him back to 1989 to give himself career advice.

Jenn and I were watching the Office, being generally perturbed by Michael Scott's completely shallow relationship behavior, when that white male Adonis, John Krasinski, starts joking about proposing to Pam. Then what does he do? Whip out a ring. Both sets of eyes were misting like we just got done watching Ol' Yeller get put down. Or when you realize that the coalition of the five different cliques in "The Breakfast Club" was broken on Monday morning when the first bell rang.

Aside from a minor grease flare up when Jenn and I were trying to make lemongrass pad thai, it was a good, albeit personally embarrassing, day.

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