April 26, 2008

Taking issue

Like Jenn mentioned, the Tokyo Police Club LP dropped. Apparently, the denizens of other music sites thought that meant somebody dropped a turd in a pool.

Basically, the knock is that it's too commercial and that it basically isn't the EPs. Or, they had a bigger budget and used the money to sound a little cleaner. You know, like most bands do.

That's like saying, "You know, I totally loved My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything. It was raw and rough. But Loveless... I'm not feeling it. It's too nice."

There's always this notion of letting music stand up on it's own, being a meritocracy where the wheat is separated from the chaff, and letting the art speak for itself: sometimes that's bullshit. It's a business and sometimes business gets personal. Some great bands can't get signed because their sound isn't selling; if their sound sells TOO well, the fans run them out of town for being overly commercial and "selling out."

It's a fun album, with great songs, and loads of energy. No, it's not perfect: the vocals tend to flat-line. It's grown up from the days of asking to speak to the President of the world, which is always a good thing. Ironically, reviewers knocked that naivety when writing about the A Lesson in Crime EP. Don't let negative, cynical music critics and journalists spoil what could be the driving-in-your-car album of 2008.

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