April 7, 2008

Things You Learn at Shows

You know, the Gargoyle really bugs me. It's hotter than hell in their venue, they know it, and they KEEP ALL THE OUTSIDE DOORS CLOSED TO PREVENT ANY KIND OF VENTILATION. I know it's on a college campus, that most of the students at Washington University don't want to be distracted from their studying, or whatever it is rich kids at private schools do on Sunday nights; but if you're charging $15 for people to step foot in your venue, you need to be a little more accommodating than hiring shitty cockhead security guards to come around at 11pm and try and kick everybody out.

So Many Dynamos opened up the show at 8 pretty much on the dot. They played some new tracks and one of them sounded like Ryan, their guitar player, really wanted to channel Battles. Which is fucking awesome. I think Ryan and I have a pretty similar affinity for Mirrored and I think Norm was using drum effects. That, or he's so good at getting different drum sounds that he has me fooled into believing he's using effects. Either or. They were in good form, Aaron made some witty banter, and I enjoyed the tinnitus I received in my left ear. I think they're still peddling around to labels, which blows for us all because that means even longer until we all get to hear the recorded fruits of their labor. Maybe Team Love will be on the case.

Capgun Coup was noisy dual vocalled guitar driven indie rock. I can't claim to know much about them because I don't know anything about them. Their singer/guitarist wore a sweater and I think he regretted that. It was far too sauna like for a sweater. They seemed like neat dudes (most midwestern band dudes are) but I just wasn't feeling their set. The vocals were of that purposely out of tune, high pitched caterwaul variety that just really doesn't do it for me (unless it's Black Eyes). Sorry.

Cursive came on and played a lot of new songs. "The Casualty" made a triumphant appearance. "Big Bang" and "Bad Sects" were there, as was "Art is Hard" and "Gentleman Caller". They opened with something new and somewhere they unloaded "Sierra". That, or Kasher kind of doing what he does. Most of the new tracks were fairly straight ahead and seemed to kind of lag and didn't seem very distinct. As new songs, they aren't entirely finished products (songs can be entirely remolded before it gets sent to the studio) so I'll give them the benefit on the doubt on that one. Honestly, before the encore of "Sink to the Beat", "The Martyr", "Some Red Handed Slight of Hand", and "Dorothy at Forty", it was kind of ho-hum. It could have been the heat zapping all the life out of the place... and honestly, that wouldn't surprise me. I was starting to get dizzy and that could explain the lack of enthusiasm. All of the positive energy of such a killer encore was pretty drained when people started moshing. The Warped Tour called, they want their brahs back.

I also learned that Greenpoint in New York is on it's way to becoming/is the new Williamsburg as a soon to be gentrified Mecca for white young sub/urbanites across the land. This is not news that effects me.

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