May 31, 2008

Exercise Your Rights!

To vote, bitches! No, not in the presidential election! In the Riverfront Times St. Louis Music Showcase 2008!!!

Go here to vote. There are several categories, such as best local live show, best indie band, best americana/folk, best dj, best blues artist, best eclectic and more.

Kickin' it old school: SMD in 2003

Local "favorites" (read: friends) So Many Dynamos are nominated in both the best indie and best live show categories. And the best indie category is quite the doozy with SMD, Target Market, Bunnygrunt, The Hibernauts, Jumbling Towers,and Say Panther. If there were a way to vote for all of them, I surely would. Target Market has rocketed up in my top 5 local act list, as well as Say Panther and Jumbling Towers. All of them are amazing amazing amazzzzinnnngg groups.

So, even if you aren't from St. Louis...GO VOTE! The polls are open to anyone from anywhere up until June 1st.

June 1st in the Delmar Loop will be the celebration of all things awesomely local (musically, at least). $5 gets you into all the shows everywhere that day/night/afternoon/evening. The Main Stage will be at Vintage Vinyl and the festivites there will begin at 2p with Jon Hardy and The Public. Other groups on the main stage that you won't want to miss? 3p Gentleman Auction House and at 4p So Many Dynamos.

Shows will be EVERYWHERE throughout The Loop, and again $5 gets you into all of them. My vote (the show you'll see me at) goes to Cicero's (one of my favorite places ever) with the following line up:

6 p.m. Say Panther
7 p.m. Target Market
8 p.m. Jumbling Towers
9 p.m. The Bureau
10 p.m. The Hibernauts

I'm also DEFINITELY going to rock out with The Monads at 5p at Market in The Loop.
The Monads (via STLToday)

Come out. Have a GREAT time. Have some great beers (most likely found at Cicero's). Get some awesome records (most likely found at Vintage Vinyl). And kick ass/take names. The choice is yours.

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