June 20, 2008

It's nice to have friends.

Here is the newest Mates of State video, "My Only Offer", from their newest release Re-Arrange Us. Always always always cute, partially because they are one of my favorite bands ever and partially because they just are really freaking adorable. I'm pissed I missed them here in St. Louis, but sorry...I had a great vacation. For a cute photo of Jason and Kori's oldest daughter, Magnolia, (while here in St. Louis) head on over to Babble Blog and look up their blog "Band on the Diaper Run"


Local band and good friends So Many Dynamos have been name dropped a bit by their producer/friend Chris Walla (you know, of Death Cab for Cutie fame?) in various forms. Some of those drops have been witnessed on Rock Louder, a UK music rag, and on MPR, Minnesota Public Radio (in the form of an interview/live performance, brought to you via mp3).
Norm of SMD rocking at the RFT Festival (via SMD recording blog, via Jason Stoff's flickr set)

In other Dynamos news this Thursday they will be performing in Edwardsville at the Stagger Inn (sorry, 21+ only) as a Weezer cover band. Also of awesome interest/SMD related? Along with SMD playing as a Weezer cover band their offchute prog band, Thor Axe will also be opening the show. The guys will be playing Weezer songs from the "1994-1998 era" covering "the Blue album, Pinkerton and a few key b-sides" (via their blog). The WHOLE of Slamdunk Stalin writers will be there, so be ready to have a fucking ball. We sure are!

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