June 26, 2008

Reunion Tour!

So, I've only listened to the full album once completely through and about 8982134798 times seperately/in small doses/bit by bit/dissecting the new Girl Talk album Feed The Animals and I'm already slightly obsessed with it. That's what happens when a pretty serious musician and walking pseudo-music encyclopedia turned blogger gets their hands on records like this. Even if you aren't a musician, self-righteous blogger, snob you can easily be a fan of this new album. So, what I'm trying to say is...whoever you are you need to listen to Feed The Animals.

In other news: THE WHOLE OF SLAMDUNK STALIN WRITERS WILL ONCE AGAIN BE UNITED FOR A GLORIOUS TWO AND A HALF DAYS! We will be ddrinking the finest brews, going to see Anheuser Busch (before the buy out that better not happen) and have him give us each two free beers before we take in some intense rocking.

So Many Dynamos proggy side project, Thor Axe, will be making a triumphant return at Edwardsville, IL's Stagger Inn. Thor Axe will open the show with So Many Dynamos taking the stage after them...except it's not an SMD show. It's SMD performing as a Weezer cover band. They will be playing all your favorites from Pinkerton and the Blue album with a "few key B-sides". Slamdunk Stalin is excited to rock all together again. Come have fun with us!

Other upcoming shows?

July 1st - Modest Mouse w/ The National @ The Pageant
July 6th - So Many Dynamos (as themselves) @ The Bluebird
July 13th - Gravy Train w/ (local friend!) Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship @ The Bluebird
July 13th - Al Green w/ Gladys Knight @ Fox Theatre
July 19th - The Apples in Stereo @ Duck Room
July 22nd - Health w/ THOR AXE (!!!) and Corvidae @ The Bluebird
July 31st - The Ting Tings (!!!) @ The Bluebird
July 31st - What Made Milwaukee Famous w/ Black Joe Lewis @ Off Broadway
Via Gigwise. I'm really fuckin' excited to see (and possibly interview) The Ting Tings.

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