August 9, 2008

We've been here before; I promise.

Ok, so as was mentioned in the last post I have taken to Roller Derby. And not just an occasional day or two, whenever I feel like it. I practice about 4 times a week and I practice full on, balls to the wall, for real roller derby. My team is only recreational but we have high (read: VERY HIGH) hopes of becoming a WFTDA league.

Anyway, just because I've completely thrown myself into Derby (and two new jobs and also raising a kitten along with our three year old cat...) doesn't mean that I've lost touch with the sweet sweet sounds of music.

This week? Ex-Saddle Creekers, Conor Oberst AND The Faint both released new albums. Conor's self titled album was recorded in Mexico with The Mystic Valley Band (comprised of, surprise, a few friends of his that we've heard in the past). This album also marks his first legitimate solo album since "Soundtrack to My Movie", released in 1995. Also of note? What happened to Team Love, eh?! Conor's self titled is out on Merge Records.

The Faint, however, have released their newest album Fasciinatiion on their own record label, blank.wav. Fasciinatiion is a pretty solid album and kind of a bitch to categorize. It definitely sounds like The Faint, what with the electro-noise-pop clash, edgy vocals, jumpy keyboards and nonsense...but this album features more destructive bass and it feels as though the electronic noise wasn't so much as a happy accident but came from years of practice, work and just overall becoming a more meticulous group, while doing so completely unconsciously. Strange, I know. I love those guys.

Also, people are getting pissed at The Ting Tings because Ms. Katie White was feeling ill due to the excessive heat at The Bluebird. People...rockers feel the heat, too. Musicians feel heat, get ill from food, get the flu and colds just like you do. Let the girl go! Plus, she's from the U.K. If I'm not mistaken...they aren't quite used to this kind of heat. Even people from here aren't used to this heat, so back up offa' that thing.

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