September 25, 2008

FIFA 2009 Soundtrack Track List announced over a month ago

In what is some of the spottiest journalism this side of the conservative blogosphere, I completely forgot to mention the announced soundtrack for EA's FIFA 2009 game (alternately known as the Marriage Killer).

EA has a long tradition of sneaking some real gems into their soundtracks (08 - !!! "All My Heroes Are Weirdos", CSS "Off the Hook"; 06 - LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"; 05 - Air "Surfing on a Rocket", New Order "Blue Monday") and 2009 is no exception to this.

EA is rocking more CSS, throwing in some Black Kids, Hot Chip, Lykke Li, MGMT, the Fratellis, the Kooks, and the Ting Tings. The game itself promises to be awesome, hopefully providing as many weekend killing moments as the previous incarnations, while still allowing me the opportunity to pretend that Manchester City will win the league every single year.

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