September 4, 2008

What else is there to say?

So, what do you think? Irony or no irony? Either way, it's a great song, great band and...I'll let you decide how you feel about the Obama campaign. I think it's easy for people to tell where I stand, though. :)


Also interesting in the world of politics and things that are good; Michael Chabon is interviewed by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. Jewish humor alert!


Oklahoma is in the process of attempting to choose an "official state song". I don't really know what to say about it because I have so much to say about the hilarity involved in this and I also don't have much to say at the same time because...well, what can you say? Everywhere I've looked has no mention of who can or can't vote, so go vote your little hearts out for The Flaming Lips because not only are the best band on there...the other choices are pretty terrible.

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