May 14, 2009

We Do What We Do

If anybody's interested, the last couple albums I've picked up have been:

  • Asobi Seksu - Citrus and Hush. I'm a big fan of My Bloody Valentine and of enchanting female vocalists. I was really slow even finding out about them but those things happen when you work for a pittance and are distrustful of other music journalists.

  • Adele - 19. It's one of those things I maybe shouldn't like because the writing isn't too terribly great, the arrangements are simple, and there isn't anything new being brought to the table... but sweetie is just so soulful when she hits her stride. She's not a new Winehouse, but that's ok, because the morgue couldn't handle that.

  • Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness. AoH, in my opinion, doesn't really make memorable albums. It's about a mood. There's such a casualness and easy going feel to the albums that works great as a summer time album. You can connect the sounds with memories and relationships. I think that sums it up.

  • English Beat - What is Beat?. I didn't grow up a ska kid. Jenn did. Even when third wave ska was blowing up, my fat junior high self was hating the fuck out of that shit. The musicians were always a bunch of band kids who thought it would be cool if they to take their saxes and trumpets and play rock music with it and be goofy and have fun. But 1st and 2 Tone ska always felt different and less lame and hokey. The English Beat are great. I hate best of albums but come on, man. It's the Beat.

    I'm also gorging myself on The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. Theodore Roosevelt was a nuanced pain in America's ass until he became the governor of New York.