November 7, 2009

Culture War: Pizza

Pizza has Mediterranean origins but has become distinctly American. You can see variations from region to region and even city to city. Chicago is renowned for it's artery clogging deep dish pizza, while fans of New York's foldable grease slabs deride everything else as "not really pizza." Don't get me started on California (but linguica on pizza is AMAZING). It's really tempting to just sweep these quibbles under the rug as just trying to please the local palate, but...

St. Louis has got it all fucking wrong. Look at this.

The crust is cracker thin and almost about that consistency. Yes, it is yeast-less. The cheese is a processed blend of provolone, cheddar, and swiss. So you have a bizarre cheese that is made only for the St. Louis market, with a thin, unleavened crust that is cut into three to four inch squares.

Working on a real post about underrated bands.